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The Research laboratory Géomatériaux et Environnement (LGE) of University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (EA 4508) and includes 15 teacher-researchers, 3 engineers and 1 administrative.


The laboratory's activities are divided into two scientific issues. The first one concerns the study of the interactions between pollutants  and water and / or soil. The second one  concerns the study of the formation and evolution of geological, historic and environmental geomaterials.  As member of the ERASMUS MUNDUS ETeCoS3 doctoral program, the laboratory welcomes every year between 3 and 4 PhD students in the field of environmental technologies. The laboratory offers a scholarship in the field of geomaterials.

Les événements LGE

LGE : séminaire Céline Rommevaux (MIO, Marseille)

"Interactions microorganismes/roches: altération des basaltes océaniques et influence des variations environnementales"[more]

LGE : séminaire Professeur Minghua ZHOU

"Degradation of organic pollutants by the activated persulfate process"[more]