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1st International ABWET Conference : Waste-to-bioenergy : Applications in Urban areas

Conference program

Day 1, Thursday January 19th :

Location : Auditorium Copernic Building

8h30 - 9h00

9h00 - 9h20
Opening ceremony
Speakers to be confirmed

10h10 - 10h30
Bernal et al.
Aerobic and anaerobic degradation of plants from trace elements contaminated soils

10h30 - 11h00
Coffee break and poster session

11h00 - 11h20
Rossi et al.
Combination of communition and sonication as post-treatment of lignocellulosic substrates downstream of anaerobic digestion

11h20 - 11h40
Serrano et al.
High-temperature thermal pre-treatment for phenols recovery and biomethanization from two-phase olive mill solid waste

11h40 - 12h00
Mancini et al.
Enhanced biogas production from lignocellulosic Materials using NMMO and Organosolv pretreatments

12h20 - 14h00
Lunch Break

14h00 - 14h30
Topic 2 : Processing and conversion technologies Invited Speaker : Prof. Christian Kennes (University of La Coruña, Spain)
Biogas upgrading and CO and CO2 conversion to value added fuels using biological routes

14h30 - 14h50
Jenicek et al.
Effects of biosolids addition, microaeration and alkalinity sources on high solids anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and green Waste

15h10 - 15h30
Sürmeli et al.
Effect of sulphide on anaerobic digestion of chicken manure at high ammonia concentrations

15h30 - 15h50
Björn et al.
Feasibility of OFMSW co-digestion with sewage sludge for increasing biogas production at wastewater treatment plants

15h50 - 16h40
Coffee break and poster session

17h00 - 17h20
Le and Stuckey
The influence of feeding composition on the production of soluble microbial products (SMPs) in anaerobic digestion

17h20 - 17h40
Tilahun et al.
A novel membrane bio-scrubbing system for hydrogen sulphide removal from biogas

Day 2, Friday January 20th :

Location : Auditorium Copernic Building

9h30 - 9h50
Walter et al.
Short-term, large-scale trial of microbial fuel cells for off-grid lighting and urine treatment

9h50 - 10h10
Luongo et al.
PHB and H2 production via photofermentation of dark fermentation effluent

10h10 - 11h00
Coffee break and poster session

11h00 - 12h00
Selected ABWET PhD students flash presentations

12h00 - 14h00
Lunch Break

14h50 - 15h20
Concluding remarks

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